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Amusing Writing
A little bit of humor to lighten the mood…

Believe it or not, these are all completely true stories. Well, they are all true give or take a little bit of “ tweaking” for the sake of flow, humor, or the safety of the participants. As J. Frank Dobie said, I never let the truth get in the way of a good story.

Yesterday, a friend tweeted that she was writing a paper and didn't think she'd finish. Several of us ‘helped out’ by contributing some writing to her. I tried to give her a series of genres to choose from…(in chronological order)

Child trafficking, slash-fic, and more…

I am called a popinjay (among other things) in response to expressing my distaste for stealing from friends.
The results of the Twitter hashtag #goodthingsaboutconclave at the 2010 Conclave convention.
I sat through the entire “New Moon” movie, in all its insipid, abuse lauding glory, so that I could share my pain with you. In 140 character bursts. I'm really such a giver. The things I do for you!
A crazy from work starts the War on Jer(ror). With bonus "dramatic reading" now :)
Perhaps I am being a bit precipitous in posting this list before the year has even ended, but here's hoping I cannot find new depths to which I can sink.
The ordeal that was my most recent hair removal process. When you are me, even something as simple as a haircut can be an exercise in hilarity.
Dawn issued the challenge, and I videotape myself VERY excited about the Sex in the City movie release to answer the challenge. Video inside...
Christmas is the season to torture your children, at least it is in our household.
For a while I had been the go-to dictionary for terms of sexual grotesquery. Rather than constantly fielding calls and texts on this subject, I decided to start a dictionary of terms.
The horrors that were visited upon my body when I decided to wax my poor, poor genitals.
Internet dating from the office can be bad. Internet dating from the office when I'm your IT person and I don't like you can be disasterous!
Gastrointestinal woes during an exam at school. As dramatically read by Dawn & Greg.
When US soldiers get bored, the shit hits the fan... literally.
A sanitized (get it?) version of accidental, surprise buttsecks. An "inconsiderate driver" if you will. As dramatically read by Dawn & Greg.
Nothing gets rid of bees better than gas... except, perhaps, explosions
I rant and rave about the hideousness that is MySpace.
An accounting of the surreal events during my attempt at being a good samaritan. Even helping a stranded driver ends in 'events'.
A fun way to start the school year is to offend the head of the department, who also wrote that horrid book you are using.
I randomly get spam on my IM accounts sometimes, usually for porn. Sometimes, I'm bored when this happens. This is one of those times.
My sarcasm springs into action when someone makes outrageous claims on the Internet. Hilarity ensues.
Fun you can have with others in a store, or at least, fun that I had with people in a Walmart.
When fast moving projectile meets non-moving chipmunk, my car is the real loser!
In which our hero goes on a bad date with a random waitress. It's funnier in hindsight. Really, it is.