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Perversion List
A Glossary of Rather Grotesque Sex Acts

This page is very much in a state of building, but this will be a comprehensive listing of every fun sex or sex-related term I can find. It is beyond disgusting in most cases, so, it's probably a bad idea to read on. That having been said...

  1. Alabama Hot Pocket
    Defecating in the vagina of your partner.
  2. Angry Dragon
    The act of a blowjob recipient striking the back of the head of the blowjob provider immediately after ejaculation in such a manner as to cause ejaculate to be expelled from the "giver's" nose, causing them to have the appearance of an angry dragon.
  3. Angry Pirate
    Ejaculating in your partner's eye, followed by kicking him or her in the shin... the resulting "argh" of pain coupled with the limp and closed eye causes an appearance not unlike a pirate. An angry one.
  4. Blumpkin
    Getting a blowjob while defecating.
  5. Cherry-Vanilla Swirl
    Ejaculating on your partners face then inducing a nosebleed (typically with a punch to the face).
  6. Carolina Chili Dog
    Defecating on a woman's chest and using it as lubrication during a "titty fuck".
  7. Cincinnati Bowtie
    Defecating on the upper chest and neck of your partner in a way that looks not entirely unlike a bowtie.
  8. Cleveland Steamer
    A sexual act in which one partner defecates on the chest of the other partner then sits down in it, rocking back and forth.
  9. Cunnilumpkin
    A variation of the blumpkin in which a woman receives cunnilingus while defecating.
  10. Dirty Sanchez
    Following anal sex, the removal of your penis from your partner's ass and subsequent wiping of it across his or her upper lip, creating something of a moustache.
  11. Donkey Punch
    During either anal or vaginal sex from behind (doggy style), punching your partner in the back of the head immediately before ejaculation in an effort to elicit a contraction of the vagina or ass.
  12. Felching
    The act of ejaculating in your partner's ass, then sucking the resulting combined materials back out through a straw.
  13. Filthy Marx
    Wiping a finger across your partner's upper lip after fingering his or her ass.
  14. Ghost Load
    While having anal or vaginal intercourse from behind, pull out and spit on the back of your partner, simulating ejaculation. When they look back, loose your load in his or her eye.
  15. Hot Carl (or Hot Karl)
    Defecating on the plastic-wrap covered face of your partner.
  16. Hot Lips Hulahan
    Put Tobasco sauce on the outside of the condom.
  17. Munging
    A lengthy and (hopefully) hypothetical process involving unearthing a partially decomposed corpse, violating it anally, then positioning your mouth in front of the ass while a cohort jumps on the stomach, forcing the mixture of fluids within into your mouth.
  18. Philadelphia Flapjack
    Defecating on your partner's chest, flattening it with your hand (the pancake), then ejaculating on it (the syrup).
  19. Pink Sock
    During anal sex, pull out suddenly producing a prolapsed rectum (which looks eerily similar to a pink sock).
  20. Rusty Trombone
    Also known as Ass-to-Mouth. Providing a blowjob immediately following anal sex.
  21. Teabagging
    Resting one's scrotum on another's face, typically into his or her mouth.