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IM Spam
Random "Come to my porn site" spam from Yahoo IM:
Session Start (j120608:gimmekok2369): Tue August 01 15:42:07 2006 [01-August-1542] gimmekok2369: welo anyway, guess your not there? [01-August-1542] Jer_: umm... no, i'm here... [01-August-1542] Jer_: whossis? [01-August-1542] gimmekok2369: oh your thhere :) hi... [01-August-1542] Jer_: heya [01-August-1543] gimmekok2369: a/s/l (age sex locatiion)? [01-August-1543] Jer_: 58/m/detroit... u? [01-August-1543] gimmekok2369: im 27/f/USA. was lookin at your profile. thought you mightt like to chat. [01-August-1544] gimmekok2369: so whaat have you been up to j120608? [01-August-1544] Jer_: not much, Applying ointment to these sores, u? [01-August-1545] gimmekok2369: cool. i was just hangin out watching tv. i was getting kinda horny :) (*blushes) [01-August-1546] gimmekok2369: feel like a little cyber fun with mee ? please please... [01-August-1546] Jer_: what a coincidence.. so was i .. rubbing the cream on there always does that to me .. how embarassing :P [01-August-1546] gimmekok2369: :) [01-August-1546] Jer_: the state health department said that i have to tell everyone that I get with that I have herpes though... just want to let you know [01-August-1547] gimmekok2369: oh well your loss. why dont you open up my profile and see what you missed out on. theres a link there to my homepage where i have some real nice pics to leeave with. [01-August-1547] Jer_: see, it always ruins it when i tell... that's why i usually chloroform girls and keep them in my trunk... [01-August-1548] gimmekok2369: you r a sick fuck [01-August-1548] Jer_: i'm sorry, don't go... :( [01-August-1550] Jer_: r u gone? :( I don't think you can get herpes if I don't have sores... and I haven't had any in like, 2 days... [01-August-1552] Jer_: now THIS is depressing, i can't even get CYBER sex... *sigh* Session Close (gimmekok2369): Tue August 01 16:01:06 2006