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This is just a repository for various miscellany that doesn't fall effectively under any other categories; just crap that doesn't seem to fit in with other menu items. *shrug*

My report of ConFusion 2010 (in eleventy billion words, it's really more of a play-by-play) from the perspective of an attendee, not as a conrunner.
This has moved to here now.
Some audio clips from the flash animated video Candy Mountain.
The Grice-Skinner method of evaluating your level of public speaking anxiety. Used entirely without permission.
My review of Conclave 2009 (and subsequent complaints about the Dorsai Irregular)
My attendee's-eye view of the 2009 Penguicon.
All of the after-con reports from Penguicon 6.0 that I could find. Good, bad, or indifferent.
A list of cycling events in Michigan that I have attended, wish to attend, or just think are cool
A listing (with some commentary) of the 112 books I read in 2007.
My review of ConFusion 2008 from the Ops desk.
Video and photos from our karaoke work outing.
Keeping you all updated as to the state of my website...well..updates
I tell the stories, and sometimes I think you don't take me seriously enough. Well here's some grainy, cell-phone video to not take seriously.