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Good Things About Conclave
The Twitter Phenomenon at Conclave 2010

While at Conclave, Dawn and Greg of Dawn & Greg's Naked Comedy Show launched a Twitter hashtag #goodthingsaboutconclave with a backhanded compliment which inspired a series of snarky, funny, and hyperbolically true tweets. It should be said, the request has been made numerous times since this to make it a recurring bit at events…but I don't know how we're going to top some of these:

nemorathwald I just heard there was still Diet Mt. Dew in the consuite! #goodthingsaboutconclave
Jer_ I shit you not, cookie monster just showed up...this is like the Pele of room meeting #goodthingsaboutconclave
Jer_ The @ConFusionMI room meeting just won "Best Party" 1 of 0? #goodthingsaboutconclave
Jer_ This hash tag will cause no problems in fandom, because nobody at Conclave knows how to use Twitter #goodthingsaboutconclave
NakedComedy Plenty of available gay men.#goodthingsaboutconclave
nadams5755 @jer_ MY CON IS WORSE THAN YOUR CON! #goodthingsaboutconclave
NakedComedy Bill Higgins is able to spend an hour of personal time with each attendee. #goodthingsaboutconclave
NakedComedy @jer_ sparkles in the sunlight #goodthingsaboutconclave
NakedComedy Pervasive hotel odor makes it easy to stick to your diet.#goodthingsaboutconclave
NakedComedy 2 coney islands and 1 liquor store every 1/4 mile #goodthingsaboutconclave
PureEvil_Lyn Personal wake calls at 400 am from @jer_ #goodthingsaboutconclave
Jer_ 75% of the con attendance is on Rascal scooters and Hover-rounds...that is 4 people by my count. #goodthingsaboutconclave
EnigmaNo2 Jer. Ger. Dawn. Greg. Sheryl. Randy. #goodthingsaboutconclave
Jer_ With absolutely nothing else going on in the evening, there's no reason not to visit @ConFusionMI in room 724! #goodthingsaboutconclave
atdt1991 At an improv show where the audience gave gold and got back ... something #goodthingsaboutconclave
Limeyone885 It brings community together like no other con. Bill Putt and @jer_agree on something. #goodthingsaboutconclave
Limeyone885 Never a problem parking the lot is half full #goodthingsaboutconclave
Jer_ If you smell a fart, and it wasn't you, it was definitely the other attendee! #goodthingsaboutconclave
Jer_ Due to a rumor that they decided to add comedy this year, every single attendee is here to see Space Time Improv #goodthingsaboutconclave
Jer_ You can always feel safe, because there's one Dorsai Irregular to provide security per attendee. #goodthingsaboutconclave
Jer_ The reg staff didn't have to switch typography to accommodate a 4th digit on badge numbers, they barely need three! #goodthingsaboutconclave
Jer_ Seriously, everyone reading this that is at Conclave, I have a mission for you. Vote Greg Williams for fan GoH! #goodthingsaboutconclave
Jer_ It's easy to find a seat at both panels #goodthingsaboutconclave
NakedComedy You'll pass out from the heat before the smell of ass overwhelms you #goodthingsaboutconclave