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The Sex in the City Challenge
...or embarrassing myself on camera some more...

About a week ago, issued the challenge. Wear a "Sex in the City" T-shirt all day on the Friday movie release day and just be enthused about the prospect.

After some missteps in trying to obtain a shirt, it occurred to me that a homemade shirt would be both cheaper AND funnier. Way funnier. Thankfully, Ger and Sheryl came through in a huge way to create the shirt that was ultimately used. Then the camera person bailed at the last minute but Roxanne came through with a camera that worked brilliantly. The result:

Stuff I learned...

  • Glitter gets EVERY damned place
  • I need an external mic that I can keep on me, the sound SUCKS (but we knew that was going to be the case)
  • If I ever do such a thing again... more than one camera person, and both with very small cams would be helpful
  • Southland Mall rent-a-cops are bitches that should probably devote the time they spend to worrying about cameras and hitting on underage girls accomplishing something useful
  • I need braver camera persons... timidity of camera missed some really good material, to include a lengthy conversation with the cell phone hut and the entirety of my hair stylist convo
  • I need to be more aware of the camera... really great stuff was also missed because I failed to mention that we should roll cameras
  • Being shot up from underneath is NOT my best look
  • If you ever want attention, be a big dude in a homemade Sex in the City t-shirt. Seriously.
  • Video editing sucks ass.

Hope y'all enjoy. :)