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Michigan Cycling Schedule

This is by no means a complete list, but this is a running list of cycling events around Michigan that I have done or plan to do. Where possible, I've tried to include some information. If you have one I can add, please send it to me (with a web link if possible) at my contact form.

  • Detroit Bikes! Riverfront Ride
    Length: 10 - 15 miles
    Type: Group Ride
    Date: 12 April 2008

    Short, free, I guess it's supposed to hit Belle Isle, Eastern Market, and Lafayette park. I'd like to try this as a season opener with the kids, although their bikes will really be the deciding factor there.

    Cost: Free
  • Metro Grand Spring Tour
    Length: 25, 45, 62 miles
    Type: Scenic Group Ride
    Date: 4 May 2008

    This has been going on for 25 years, so it's a well established tour from Willow Metro Park in New Boston along the Huron River. Pancake breakfast to those who register.

    I'd like to make this my first >15 mile run of the season, although whether it'll be a 25 or a 45 depends on how I'm feeling at this stage.

    Contact: 313.381.2833 or
    Cost: $16 individual/$43 family (after 30 April: $22/$55)
    Length: 25, 50, 100K
    Type: Group
    Date: 18 May 2008

    Starting (and ending) in Frankenmuth at the high school, the routes go along the Cass River and surrounding farming lands. Relatively flat with low to medium hills occasionally.

    This should be pretty, and 25K is only like 15 miles, so it's a distance the kids can ride.

    Contact: 989.652.2557 or
    Cost: $15
  • Detroit Bikes!
    Length: 20 miles
    Type: Group Ride
    Date: 7 June 2008

    Another relatively short, free ride in Detroit. Includes bits of Hamtramck, Woodbridge, and the Heidleberg Project.

    Cost: Free
  • Pedal Across Lower Michigan
    Length: 280 miles
    Type: Multi Day
    Date: 21 - 27 June 2008

    A roughly 300 mile multi-day ride across the lower peninsula. This is geared toward new tour riders, so the daily mileage is around 35-60; although most days have additional, optional miles (usually 1 century day is possible if you wish).

    This sounds like something that might be fun to do with the kids next year possibly. They have already hit their limit for 2008, but hopefully next year my schedule will allow for it.

    Contact: 734.669.0172 or
    Cost: $110 (11 - 16 years old $56, under 11 $55) Registration ends on 5/1 or at 700 riders
  • Detroit Bikes! Tour de Dearborn
    Length: 20 - 25 miles
    Type: Group Ride
    Date: 2 August 2008

    This is right in my neck of the woods. Runs through Dearborn ending at the Ford Field for Dearborn's Homecoming Festival. You can bet we will be doing this one. Why not, it's free!

    Cost: Free
  • One Day Ride Across Michigan
    Length: 152
    Type: Frickin' long - One Day
    Date: 6 Sept 2008

    One day trek from the west side of the state to Bay City. I absolutely want to give this a try; possibly this year. I'd like to get a century in at some point first though. Who's up for joining me?

    Cost: $45 ($35 if you pre-register by early August)

  • Tour De Troit (registration)
    Length: 40 mile
    Type: Group Ride
    Date: 20 Sep 2008

    40 mile ride through Detroit and Belle Isle. 35 and 30 and 25 mile routes were available in 2007. There is a break near the 20 mile point. You can set your own pace, but the pack pace is about 12 miles per hour. It's all street riding, but there is a police escort to manage traffic.

    Rennie and I did this last year and it was an absolute blast. We both decided that we totally have to grab a group and do it again this year. I plan on making this a "thing", so plan on joining me. This was my favorite ride of the year (although the Blue Water Ramble was up there).

    Contact: 313.965.5853 or
    Cost: $25 ($15 for students)

  • Apple Cider Century
    Length: 25, 50, 62, 75, 100 mile
    Type: Group Ride
    Date: 28 Sept 2008

    This is a century event, so the featured mileage is 100 miles. There are, however, 25, 50, 62 and 75 mile routes as well. This appears to be a huge thing, with events going on Saturday, an all-you-can-eat breakfast Sunday before the ride, and a Spaghetti Dinner after the race.

    My hope is to be able to hit this one this year.

    Contact: 888.877.2068 or
    Cost: $25 ($45 after 31 March)

  • Blue Water Ramble
    Length: 40, 60, 80, 100 mile
    Type: Group Ride - International
    Date: 6 Oct 2007

    With 40, 60, 80, and 100 mile routes available, this was a great end-of season run for all skill levels. A ferry-ride into Canada (and back), a hot lunch, and SAG cart are features.

    This was a great deal of fun. Several of us did the 60 mile and at no point did I feel outside of my comfort zone (although I was extremely wiped at ride's end). The ride was largely very pretty and never felt boring. I consider myself a beginner, and this was perfect for me.

    Note, no day-of registration and a 1,200 rider limit

    Contact: 586.879.0209 or Cost: $15 ($18 after 23 August)