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Karaoke Work Outing

Saturday, a bunch of us from work got together at a local pub for some out-of-the-office fun. It was nice to see some folks "let their hair down" (even if half of them abandoned ship way early).

Andrew letting his hair down by way of getting slapped by his girlfriend!
(download it in mp4 format)

After the bulk of the party left, it was down to just a few of us hardcore souls, Steve, Edgar, Das, and me. Das was the first to notice that there was karaoke planned for the evening.

"Karaoke," says we, "let us, as they say, do that shit!"

So we did. Das and I opened with a stirring rendition of "Picture" by Kid Rock and Sheryl Crow. At that point, Das decided to sign me up for Rick James' "Super Freak" (were you aware there were words to that song aside from the first verse and the chorus? I wasn't. It got ugly, quickly), so in retaliation, I signed her up for the Divinyls classic "I Touch Myself" (which she pulled off with STYLE). The evening was closed with Das's version of "Naughty Girl" done solely for the benefit of hot bartender Jake.

Some photos

Now, I think it is important to say that there is video of all of this singing and merriment.

Yes, you heard (read?) that correctly, there exists video of all of this. If Edgar gets off his ass and gets it over to me, I can assure you that it will all be uploaded post-haste. Won't that be special.

In all, we had a blast and we absolutely need to do it again.