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Well, I finally got a job. Not in the computer industry yet, apparently not having a degree was no problem while I was IN the industry, but now it's an issue. At any rate, I'm doing roofing and residential remodel work again, and I am SORE. I've been laid off too long. Roofing is fun, when you have a morbid fear of heights. On your average roof, this isn't a big deal... you know, a roof with a walkable pitch (not too steep to walk up and down), not alot of narrow stretches, etc. This roof SUCKS. See below: An Illustration
Forgive my lack of artistic ability. As you can see, a significant portion of this roof is FAR from fun. Ah well, I managed to do it, and, more importantly, didn't fall off. Life is good. I'm excited about this weekend. Should be a good time. I'm too tired to type more, so I'm gonna watch a movie and go to bed.