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Turn that music down!
What am I listening to? Well, here are the internet radio stations that I've been cycling through when I happen to be online. I enjoy them, your mileage may vary:

XRM Alternative - Mostly what you'd hear on your FM Top 40 Alternative Station (89X here)

Web Site

Currently playing: Godsmack - Awake

Energy X - Mix of Top 40 and obscure independents

Web Site

Currently playing: Long-view - When You Sleep

Area X - Pretty vanilla Top 40, but they do requests, and your requests get on pretty quickly (at least mine do, but maybe I'm special)

Web Site

Currently playing: Marilyn Manson - The Beautiful People

ChroniX Agression - Pretty hardcore alternative/metal, lots of non-radio bands

Web Site

Currently playing: Deadstar Assembly - Send Me An Angel

Monkey Radio - Kinda house, trance, acid jazz, you name it. It's smooth.

Web Site

Currently playing: Portishead - Only You

XTC Radio - Electronic… house, trance, breakbeats… and Saturday and Sunday is mixes straight from live shows

Web Site

Currently playing: 303 Dreams Live at Wish, Toronto Canada, New Years Eve 2005 Radio - lots of the Prodigy, live/rare/remixes… but also lots of other bands that the Prodigy listen to

English Web Site

Currently playing: Out of Space (Techno Underworld Remix)

OmegaIRC Radio - Old school rock… kinda like classic rock, but more fun to say.

Web Site

Currently playing: Iron Butterfly - Inna Gadda Da Vidda

WSRR Old School Rap - Just that, old school rap… the stuff that was around when I was young

Web Site

Currently playing: Floetry - Mr Messed Up

If you know any decent folk-rock stations, lemme know.