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St. Patty's Day *hic*
There is a certain freedom to be your goofy, off-the-wall self around children (especially your own) that you don't feel all that often around adults, even those who love you, whom you love, and you KNOW wouldn't judge you.

I was bitten in the rear yesterday by that feeling of freedom. So, my kids and I are sitting at home, we're just getting ready to leave, and, out of the blue, I grab my guitar and start singing and playing 'Elderly Woman…' by Pearl Jam. Both kids love the song, and seem to enjoy 'singing along' with me.

About that time, the female half of my roommate family walks into the room. I kinda thought we were home alone, I was SURE that I had heard her leave.


Anyways, thus endeth that madness. Yesterday was 'fun'; my poor daughter was busily trying to paint everything in the house in a lovely color I like to call 'vomit', so I was preoccupied caring for a sick child. I'm not precisely the motherly type, so it takes more concentration for me that for others.

As for today, happy St. Patty's Day! So, Patty and Shamus are walking down the street, on the way home from the bar. Suddenly, from the alley, a severed head rolls into their view. Patty picks up the head and cries out 'Shamus, I believe that this is Sean', to which Shamus replies 'No way, Patty, Sean is MUCH taller than that!'. (Stolen directly from The Morning X)

Okay, lame joke for the day, hope you enjoyed. Pinches for all of you not wearing green… and inappropriate pinches for the ladies, green or no green :P It's St. Patty's Day, and my Irish side can be as debaucherous as I want, even though I no longer drink.

Top O' the Mornin' to ya'.