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Spanglish - a pseudo-review
Okay, I'm not exactly the movie review guy here, I'm sure there are plenty of other journals for exactly that, but to the three people in the world that read this thing... GO WATCH SPANGLISH NOW! I don't care if you think Adam Sandler is the biggest tool on the face of the earth. I don't care if you hated everything he's ever done (however, if you hate Punch Drunk Love, you should be killed), watch this movie. To begin with, the acting in this movie was absolutely brilliant. Tea Leoni (screw her frou frou accent mark) was wonderful as usual, and Adam Sandler played a part unlike anything I've seen him in before. Picture just the sappy, sensitive part at the end of 'Big Daddy', without the overacting, and with a good script. Yeah, that good. But this Paz Vega chick, she absolutely stole the show. I mean, not only is she unbelievably hot, but apparently, she's been in every movie ever made in Mexico. The story was a really enjoyable, unique variation on the old boy-meets-girl-who-don't-speak-english, and the ending is just what it needed to be. All in all, I can't find one complaint with this movie (although, at just over 2 hours, length could have been an issue). All of the acting was superb, the cinematography was first rate, and the script was very well done. Blah blah blah, insert movie review sounding stuff here, blah blah. To tell you how much I like it, my broke, cheap ass is buying it on DVD... as should each and every one of you.