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Well, I have always said that when smoking actually had an impact on me, I was done. It never really affected anything I cared about... until this last week or two. In the last two weeks... I've had an enormous amount of difficulty breathing in general, and I've had a persistent dryish cough for about a month or two now.... it's time for cigs to go. At this point, it's been about 24 hours since I smoked. I'm not a fun person when I don't smoke. My kids are already used to the 'dad isn't smoking crankiness', from times when I was too broke to smoke. Gum and sunflower seeds will, with any luck, help the oral fixation without the requisite massive weight gain. We shall see. Expect reports frequently about how much quitting smoking either sucks or does not suck. Watched Troy today. It was pretty darn good. A bit longer than was necessary, but very entertaining. I'm beginning to think that Brad Pitt can actually act. Strange. Orlando Bloom and the Incredible Hulk were also both very, very good. Funny story... the coworker that was describing this movie to me was telling me all about it then, when he gets near the end says 'but I don't wanna ruin the ending for ya'. I explained that I was pretty familiar with the story and he said 'ahh, right, from the bible' and proceeded to plow on. Scary. But, hey, if some people can worship out of the King James Bible, who says he can't worship out of Homer's works? Eh? Just downloaded 10th episode of Robot Chicken. Gonna watch it and go to bed. Peace. ED: I just noticed how much the first couple of paragraphs sounded like 'a very special episode of The Facts of Life' or something. You have my sincerest apologies... I certainly have no intentions of ever again sounding like a bad after school special... or even a good one. Plus, the fat one was really annoying... Twinkie?