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Site Updates
Okay, I've done some site tweaking. Nothing all that impressive, but little things that I've been not doing because I'm lazy/busy/whatever.
  • I added titles to the links on the menu to the left, so if you hover your mouse over the links, neat things happen. Groovy.
  • I've got a nifty little favicon now. So, in your location bar, there should be a little 'jer' (man, that sounds dirty doesn't it?), and when you bookmark this place (and yes, you WILL bookmark this place), there'll be nifty icon.
  • I've cleaned up some links and stuff. Oh, and I added my friend Chuck... I suggest you check it out, he's a great guy with a strange, dry wit. It amuses me to no end... between him and Nick, they can cause me to choke nearly to death on any beverage at any time... much fun.
I figure, if I can't edit the site I'm supposed to, I can play on mine. Weeee! As a side note, I'm looking at changing hosts. I don't really know to whom, so if any of the peeps that read this have any thoughts, let me know. I want to change so I can use WordPress instead of LiveJournal, which I use now. I have no complaints with LJ, in fact, I like it a great deal over all, but I'm a tinkerer. I like jerking with things, and I want more control over every aspect of the content. I want categories for my posts. I want to be able to give others access to post here. I want, I want, I want. Speaking of people that read this site: I pretty much thought it was me, possibly my Mom and Dad (for kids pics), and Nick, but... I'm averaging 82 visitors per day since my site redesign... about, I dunno, 80 more per day than I thought. Also, I figured most that showed would just check on pics and leave... but 66% are merely reading the blog part and never moving on to pics. Strange.... the top domains are: (huh? strange, and at 30.3%) (9.2% prolly me, nick, and half the US) unresolved (7.5%) (5.3% this has to be Terra) (2.5% I think my parents are here) Here's the disturbing fact of the day... three of the top 10 searches that present my web site are 'tickling', 'tickling kids', and 'wife playing'.... spooky people out there... 'tickling kids'... sickos. I assume. Probably. Oh well, that was fun. And long. Like John Holmes. Peace.