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Well, she did it again folks. First, my ex, Becca, was supposed to call today to set up her visit with the kids (her first time seeing them since Thanksgiving). Needless to say, she must have found something more important to do… or should I say someone, since that seems to be what interferes most of the time… her incessant need to lie on her back under a new and interesting guy. When I say interesting, I mean drug addicted and abusive.

Also, she finally squared it away so that I could go and pick up the kids stuff from her storage; or should I say the stuff that wasn't covered in piss or chewed on by mice. Yes, nearly everything in the storage unit was destroyed… I wish I had brought my digital camera to take a photograph of this travesty.

For starters, when I opened the unit, it was clear that it was loaded up by dump truck apparently. The solid cherry dining room furniture that I had just bought prior to our seperation that she wanted so bad and got in the divorce? Trashed. The kids were pretty devastated. Amber's favorite stuffed animals? Trash. Their old beds? Trash. Pretty much you name it? Trash. Becca? Trash.

I know, I know, I'm supposed to be loving, caring, or whatever. Blah blah friggin blah. That's really easy to do when she's jerking me around… but we're talking about 6 and 7 year old children here. They shouldn't have to deal with this. Of course, this will, as usual, be all my fault by the end. Just like the reason she hasn't seen her kids in months isn't cause she's a coked out whore… it's because 'I'm being controlling'. It's not because her pursuit of crack and men led her to dump the children with random people in random places MORE THAN ONCE, it's because I'm an ass for preventing her from doing it AGAIN.

Bleh, I'm just venting now. Lemme find something funny to make me feel better.