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Rapid Fire Randomness
Okay, I'm going to say it... I'm bitter. Katie Holmes is with Tom Cruise, thus ending my chances to make her the next ex-Mrs. Lance... but all bitterness aside, no straight man gushes like this over his woman. He's trying to hard. Oh, and he's WAY too old for her.... I, however, am not. 'They call me white devil... black jesus... Heaven closin'... hell freezin' From the too creepy to be real category, check this story out. Apparently, a blogger's last blog entry gave the identity of his murderer. Spooky, spooky. My name is Brandon Jones, and I hit the fucking Dell kid with a bat! (Mac switch parody... many more here. In more personal news, I'm really excited to be going to AGAPE this weekend. Should be much fun, as per usual. It couldn't have come at a better time, I need the spiritual recharge. Anyways, off to bed, g'nite all.