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My name is Henry Earl, and I'm an alcoholic
I am so glad I quit drinking and drugging before I became this guy. His name is Henry Earl, and he has managed to gain quite the internet following for his absurd jail-time to freedom ratio (he has done 61 days in jail THIS YEAR to date); all related to his perpetual drunken stupor. Sad? Impressive? Beats me, but it sure is amusing.

Hey, my birthday is NOT coming up… Christmas is long gone, but if you wanna just randomly buy me something, pretty much any shirt from this site would pretty much make my day. Well, that or a hoodie :P

Strike that… I need a freakin' monitor. This monitor is driving me nuts. It works just long enough to lull me into a false sense of calm… before it, EVER SO SLOOOOOOOOOOWLY gets lighter, and lighter, and lighter, until it is so devoid of contrast that you are straining to the point of a migraine to make out black letters on a white background. Of course, it never goes completely away, that would defeat the insidious nature of the evil contrast slip. Instead, after about 20 minutes of strain, you suddenly notice that you can't even see what's going on, power off the monitor… wait about 2 minutes, and you're back in business. BLERGH! Maybe after I get a damned job.