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My Pimp Ride
I get at LEAST one offer per day, usually two or three, for my car. It's an '87 Cutlass Supreme in really good shape. It needs brakes before too long, but that's really all that's wrong with it. It is pretty clean, virtually no body damage or rust... you know, a nice car. Occasionally, I get real offers... More often, I get crap offers when I'm at work in the hood. Offers like: 'Hey man, you sellin' that?' 'Could be, you want to buy it?' 'I'll give ya $250 right now' or: 'Hey man, how much would you want for the car?' 'I dunno, what are ya offering?' 'I'll give ya $50 now, and pay ya $20 per week, for like, 8 weeks?' I mean, does that shit work? Seriously? I mean, by my math, the second guy is only trying to pay about $210 anyways... I guess what puzzles me is that they seem to be earnest, they are the ones that bring it up... and they seem genuinely upset when I don't leap on their $250 cash offer? Hey, crackhead... buy a bluebook... hell, just take a stab that a car that runs is worth more than $250... and any stranger willing to sell you a car on a payment plan without knowing you in the slightest... is selling you a stolen car...