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Movie: In Good Company
I watched the movie In Good Company tonight, with Dennis Quaid, Topher Grace, and the lovely Scarlett Johansson. Overall, it was a very good movie, and, fortunately, not really the romance I had assumed it to be... the Topher/Scarlett thing took a backseat to more weighty issues. I enjoyed it, and would definitely watch it again. This movie did make me think of my situation a great deal, however. For those that have seen the movie, this might make sense, for the rest... oh well, blogging for one I suppose. I completely emphasize with Topher's character Carter in the movie. I know that pretty much everyone in my life thought (and likely still thinks) that I'm an idiot for getting out of computers. I'm very confident that my parents are FAR from pleased. I mean, how do you give up that much money for the crap money I make today? Much more easily that you'd think.. the hard part is taking the plunge. Don't get me wrong. I love computers. I love technology, the internet, networking, learning new things, and all of the things that go into being a computer guy... except the job. I have no passion for it. I managed to continue doing it as long as I did because of a passion for cash; for toys; for things that money and mild affluence can buy. The problem was, I just didn't enjoy it. Every day that I woke up to go to an office was a day I wished I could do, literally, ANYTHING else. I drove by construction workers on road crews in the pouring rain or the 105 degree heat and wished I was them. But I kept going in for the paycheck. I needed that paycheck to justify my pathetically meaningless life. I am tired of a life in which I find no meaning. About a year ago, I switched careers, along with everything else in my life. I couldn't be happier. I could be richer... I could be more financially stable... but I couldn't be happier. I wake up and look forward to work (most days). I feel like there is purpose in what I do. I could happily go the rest of my life and never again be 'well to do', and always have to struggle to put my bills together... but if I don't have to hate my life while I do it, I will survive. I only hope that my children can recognize the important part of my example... I don't care if they want to be a damned garbage collector... just do something that you love, that makes you feel good, that you can live the rest of your life doing... and be happy that you made the right choice. I know that I have. How do I know? I don't. I have faith that if I do my part... things will happen the way they are supposed to. Today, my sense of peace, serenity, and happiness is all the evidence I need that the decisions I'm making are correct...and will work in the long run. The kids are happy and fed... I'm happy and overfed... and all in my segment of the world feels right. I don't know why the rant, but I've been feeling really judged lately because I am not eager to jump back into the white collar, money making, office space lifestyle... and it is troublesome. Why can't I be happy... and more importantly, why can't I teach my kids BY EXAMPLE, not by words, how little importance money has in life, and how much happiness has? Well... I guess the short answer is that I can... and I'll simply politely ignore those of you naysayers that feel otherwise. Peace.