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Marketing/Advertising Guys
Finding this link online made me laugh... then it made me think of my old company, Event Metrics Company, LLC (no, I didn't create that site... I have some taste). To me, it was everything that is wrong with marketing and advertising. I'm not a marketing guy, so maybe I'm jaded by years as a consumer... but 'tell them what they want to hear' doesn't seem like a particularly honest business strategy. Now, keep in mind, I'm not singling out EMC for doing this, my prior employer did the same thing... as did our clients. It's not EMC's methodology that I'm ranting about (they were dishonest in much more brilliant ways, like outright lying in the data... faking data... etc)... I'm ranting about marketing in general. They ALL lie. They ALL fake data... or at least the ones I've seen. I mean, the last two marketing firms I worked for (Allison Fisher and Event Metrics) BOLDLY lied, and it wasn't seen as something out of the ordinary. Perhaps I'm a bit girly for it having upset my delicate sensibilities, but when we're on-site at a Camp Jeep, for example, and the owner of the company has you completely fake a report to 'wow' em on site, that seems messed up... but there you have it.. that's marketing. I dunno, I'm babbling. Peace.