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Jer Solo
Well, I'm kidless tonight, as they are spending the night with their aunt. It's always nice when they spend the night there, because I know that I can trust her. It's not the fear laden issue that it is when their mom takes them... How sad is that? At any rate, nothing special tonight... went to dinner with a friend, watched a movie solo, and am off to bed. Was just nice, for a moment, to be alone. Haven't had much of that recently. Looking forward to a pretty busy weekend. Softball on Saturday at 10, until about 2... then the fire eating thing (plus various other niceties). Sunday I have the area meeting then the kids' birthday party... busy busy busy. In other news MySpleen, the torrent site that I use for TV show updates like Aqua Teen Hunger Force, and Robot Chicken, might be going away as we know it soon. Apparently the MPAA is cracking down on torrent sites that traffic in TV shows and such. Major bummer... it would be different if we could go buy the DVDs.. but there are none for many of the shows I actually like. Oh well.