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Okay, so, when I left for work this morning, I did what I always do. I checked the weather. Today's was: High of 54, light winds. 20% chance of showers in the afternoon. Partly cloudy. Today, while putting up siding, I was hailed on. Yes, frickin hail. Pretty darn big hail too. For the uninitiated that is FROZEN FRICKIN RAIN! Yeah, it stings a bit, makes it harder to put up siding... and was NOT supposed to happen. There should really be some form of malpractice that one can file suit against for just such occasions. On a completely unrelated note... I'm still apparently unable to update the other web site that I'm supposed to be updating. I'm REALLY close to starting a new version with a new domain name ( maybe?) and be done with these people. The folks that know what they're doing aren't allowed to help me, because it would offend the tards that DON'T know what they're doing. It's frustrating and I've about had it. If this isn't resolved by the 15th of May... I'm either dropping the job or transferring it to be entirely my responsibility...