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Great Day.
Wow, since I started getting into this journaling/praying/not being a prick routine... I've been having some seriously good days. I dunno, strange. At any rate, I think I've found the solution to the not dating thing, I'll get an imaginary girlfriend who can just PRETEND to be dating me, and be done with it. Seems easier, overall. I'm finishing up day 5 of not smoking, and it's surprisingly easy. I owe it all to sunflower seeds. I think people could kick HEROIN with enough sunflower seeds. I do need to find the unsalted, in-shell ones though, the salted ones, although they taste good, are making a MESS of my poor mouth. Also, I couldn't stand the irony of quitting smoking and dying of excessive salt. Stupid Semagic... it gives me a word and character count as I post, so I get to see my word count occasionally, was just at 150, and I keep thinking, that's not enough, type more... I'm done... Peace.