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Well, I finally got over my dating freeze to some degree, and asked the cute girl from Big Boy's for her number. Actually, she beat me to the punch and asked me for mine first, but I seriously walked over there to ask her for hers first, so it counts... I guess. Got her number, she got mine... and called tonight. See, I told you there was no 2-day rule. The downsides:
  • She's young (*cough*almost20*cough*) and I'm not (*cough*almost29*cough*). I mean, when she was my daughter's age, I was old enough to drive. When she turned 10, I'd already been in the army a year. She refers to the bands I listened to in high school as 'the old stuff'. Not a major biggie, but disturbing.
  • She's got a kid. I have two, so what? Well, I don't like the idea of Cody and Amber having any little step siblings... but, that's A) probably unrealistic and B) getting a bit ahead of myself, don'tcha think?
On the plus side, she's cute, she's into me, she's entertaining to talk to... umm... that's pretty much my criteria... so I guess we'll see. She's going to call me on Friday when she gets out of school (yeah, I said it) so we can hang out. More then.