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Friday Night's All Right For Napping
My daughter was pukey sick all night Tuesday, so Wednesday was spent mothering her… well last night was my son's turn… so today was spent mothering him. I hate sick children… not because they're hard to deal with, but I just feel soooooo bad for them. I mean, they're so little, and they so don't deserve violent vomiting spells… not until they start getting hammered in secret by mixing Black Velvet with grape juice (ooops, just threw up in my mouth a little thinking about it… yukko).

Well, it's Friday, like 7 PM, and I'm just chillin'. With one sick kid at home, I'm going NOWHERE tonight. How sad are my Fridays? Imagine the most sad day in the world, then imagine it made even sadder by the fact that you're a single, somewhat mildly attractive, 28 year old male, and you're home alone. :) That's how sad.

Umm… not too much more rambling to do today. Odd, eh? Normally I figure I'm good for a solid two pages (at 1024/768 resolution) of babbling, but apparently, I won't be today. Que serra, perhaps that means this journal will be readable.

At any rate, off to shower, rent some movies, get food with the kids, and maybe read more (which I highly recommend if you're slightly computer geeky). Peace out!