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F U Weatherman!
On Wednesday, it was 84 degrees outside. I was sweating gallons at work. Yesterday, it was snow and rain mixed. Today, it's about 30 degrees, and there are several inches of snow just chillin' in the yard. To say that I am mildly displeased with the weather would be an understatement of monumental proportions. Thanks to Nick, I was reminded of a show that I used to LOVE but hadn't seen in many years... The State. It used to be on MTV, and they're having a heck of a time getting those episodes released on DVD, so I downloaded what I could find of seasons 1 through 3... the quality sucks and there are many missing episodes... but damn it is funny... I highly recommend it. Now I'm on a search for .torrents of the Kids in the Hall DVD (season 1) and other episodes in decent quality. Of course, prior to that, I need a new hard drive since my existing one is almost completely full (I have around 100MB free... yes, 100MB... no, I don't know how Win2K is still running). You can't beat the price... and with free shipping... but I'm poor... :) At any rate... that's it for the moment. Off to watch Glengarry Glen Ross then pick up the kids.