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Okay, this thing is all done but the upkeep. The picture pages are up, and as of right now, the pictures of the kids from Easter (yesterday) are up. You can go through the menu system or click right here. You might notice that there's no pictures from the marshmallow drop… well, that's my fault… it goes a little something like this…

So I get Friday's paper and see this article.. which, if you'll note about half way down, the title Marshmallow Drop. On Sunday, after Samantha, the kids, and I went out to breakfast, we went on over to Westland to see the festivities. By 11:15am… it was obvious that something was amiss. We were all alone… no one was home.

Chances are, everyone who read the link already knows what I found out when I got home.

Yes, there was an important word in the article found in that Friday paper… 'today'. Yeah. Needless to say, we did NOT travel back in time, we did NOT attend the marshmallow drop, and we did NOT get pictures from said drop. We went to the park instead.