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Ear Candy and other pre-Easter Fun
Well, JC is on his way back, so it seemed like a fitting day to point out that soon, you will be able to fill all those Pez dispensers you get tomorrow with music, music, and more music. He came back to bring us music and candy… wooot!

Hopefully, tomorrow, I'll be able to snap some digital shots, if I can get an el-cheapo digital camera. If that does happen I'll be able to post pictures of the happy Easter fun Sunday evening, give or take a day. That works well, because I also want to get around to revamping the photographs, etc, part of the page since LJ charges to add more than a basic journal (blog, *sigh*) here. Umm… that's it. Just gonna check the RSS feeds for anything interesting on the net, then it is time to color easter eggs and permanently stain some carpets and clothing. Woo-frickity-hoo!

Oh, on a side note, if you check out Foamy's Rant from the previous post… make sure you check out some of the others, they're hilarious.