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Silly Jer, hammers are for nails. My thumb is killing me. I admit, it's rather cliched to smash one's thumb with a hammer, but, hey, I'm nothing if unoriginal. I first smashed it about a week ago, as something fell into my eye on the back swing and I decided to go ahead and swing blind... as it turns out, that was a bad idea. Well, yesterday, I smoked it again, as the chisel I was holding moved suddenly. The hammer was relentless. I think I might have done some degree of damage to a tendon, because movement of the thumb infrequently presents minor problems... such as my thumb's steadfast refusal to do precisely what I intend, which has resulted in numerous dropped objects and one poked eye (don't ask). The newly adopted web dev. position I've taken on is apparently going to be a problem from sources I couldn't have imagined. It has been a month plus long project just to get the contact information from the previous web dev dude for the site maintainers. Now that I've gotten ahold of them, it has been a week long process to get FTP access to the server so I can upload the updates. But wait, how did they expect me to update the site, you might ask? Well, apparently, the only thing they know how to do is design a page in Front Page (GACK) and click 'Update' when they're done. Or 'Publish', or whatever MS calls it today. It is such fun. I mean, I don't plan on even having Windows on this PC for much longer if I can get the time to start loading up a new linux distro... and if I can decide which I wish to play with. No frontpage for linux, eh? Blergh. Peons. Oh, if you're into Lord of the Rings, this will probably make you laugh until you cry as it did me. Ringwraith no. 5's diary is one of my faves. Umm, dunno, about 10 more minutes of web surfing, then off to bed. Peace.