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Catch up
Well, my internet connection was down yesterday, so here's some catchup... Let me begin with the funniest thing I've seen in quite some time. Steve will eat virtually anything to give us common mortals a full report about texture, taste, physical effects, etc. Tears were streaming down my face... if you can only read one... scroll down to the last one, Volume 7, Cuitlacoche. Should be safe for work methinks... unless work is cracking down on corn smut. Who knew that Bill Gates posed for Tiger Beat magazine. These are safe for work, but that makes them no less disturbing. Also, the movie and music industry in Europe wants ISPs and users to give up their privacy rights. This would be funny i they weren't serious about it. I will have some pictures posted of my face, morphed as soon as their server is up for saving... they're pretty funny though. Well, there's probably more, but that should do it for now. Only one week until the convention... woohoo.