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Okay, so it looks like I'm moving to Wixom, in what is generally considered to be a better move. I'll be in an apartment that will cost me almost exactly what I'm paying now, but no need for a roommate. It's significantly smaller but, again, no roommate, and no lawn to mow. Oh, and closer to work by about, 15 miles and 15 minutes... one way. Oh, and no roommate. You see, my roommate robbed me of some cash, so I de-roommated him, by way of changing the locks and explaining that, since he has opted to steal from me, he's no long welcome to live with me. Apparently, this was met with some confusion, as 'you no longer live here' was mistaken for 'throw a brick through my window, climb in, and steal my kids' PS2, GFs DVD player, and all PS2 games plus some of my kids' DVDs (Veggie Tales and X-Men? C'mon now). Needless to say, with my roommate history, I'm not all about getting another one, so away I go... Also, looking at a new to me car, so hopefully that'll work out, I know that Terra HAS to be getting tired of me having stolen her vehicle completely. As a result of the above fun, though, I'm likely to hold off on starting school till I get settled in in the new place... although, possibly not. We shall see. How's that for wishy-washy and ambiguous, eh? Oh, and if you see a cracked out Indian cruising around with some children's movies and a PS2, let him know I'm looking for him :)