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Birthday Parties
Well, we had Cody and Amber's birthday party today, and it went well. Lotsa people showed, to include most of their adult friends (Beef, Chris, Jeremy, Ray, Terra, Michelle, etc)... their Aunt Teresa and cousin Aaron... and their mom. Yeah, a shocker, but she showed. As it turns out, it was a good thing, because I'm retarded and managed to leave without my camera... so her pictures are all that exist of this particular time... She says she'll email em to me... we shall see though, eh? I try not to count on the things she says, then I'm not disappointed. Donovan and his mom, Brandy, showed up. Donovan was a lot of fun and I really enjoy it when Cody and Amber play with him... more so because I'm kinda into Brandy. She seems nice, and I certainly wouldn't mind bedding her down. <Parent Code>Umm, and by bed down, clearly I mean to stuff mattresses full of fluffy feathers... that is all</Parent Code> In more pressing news, I have that open talk coming up in like, 2 days, and I'm freakin'... Umm, nothing special to say now... so I'm off to bed. Peace.